Christian Web Hosting: Does your church need a website?

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In the modern era, having a website for your business is not only essential for commercial organizations, but it is also one of the most key essentials for a church setup needs. With the importance attached to having your own website, every ministry is looking forward to ensuring that they have a website which is active with its main purpose being to increase the efficiency in its operations and keeping the congregation up to date from their local area to the global community.However, not every website will be suitable for the church setup while compared to other businesses. This is so as churches are distinctive from the commercial websites whose main aim is to get traffic. On the other side, a church website will be looking upon delivering quality messages, keeping your congregation up to date on what is taking place in the church, a place to give your tithes and offerings, together with attracting more traffic. With the more and more businesses and companies investing in websites in this time and day, it is important that the church doesn't stay behind.With media, social media and video being as popular as it is, it essential for the need of a church website to keep up with the times.


Importance of a church website

With a church website, you will enjoy some of its core benefits which accrue to having it above many other tools a church can use either for marketing, announcements, and many other church needs. Below are some of the importance of a church website;•It is a discovery tool – Are you looking forward to attracting new visitors who might later become one of your members in your church? Then a church website will be the perfect choice. Currently, almost all the searches on organizations and churches are online. With this, you will stand in a high position of being discovered. Discovery of your church will be both in the local area and globally as well.•Full control – Compared to other platforms such as social media platforms, you might not be in the full control of your platform. When it comes to the church website, you will have the complete authority on what you need to be on your site.•Cost-effectiveness – If you have been looking for the perfect platform that will save your costs such as on announcements, a church website will be the perfect solution. Much of the expenses of your website will be necessary while creating the website through the hosting costs and other small monthly costs. In addition to this, with the low cost, you will be able to reach a large number of people at the same time.•Flexibility in the design – Despite many churches viewing as the print materials being the most important marketing tool, you will conquer with me that a website will be the most essential with the flexibility of allowing you to change the design. This could be to the mistakes you had made while making your advertisement or communication. With the website, you can edit any time with no extra costs.•Customizable – One of the essential thing we can never differ is that every ministry is different from the other. With a church website, you will be able to customize your website on all that you need ranging from including locations, addresses, phone numbers, time schedules, donations and giving to the ministry. You will need to communicate with your hosting company all that you need and have it done.


Your Church Website will form the first impression of your ministry and the determination in which the ministry has towards spreading the gospel to all nations.

In general, your church’s website will be all about the importance your ministry will enjoy as a whole. It will form the first impression of your ministry and the determination in which the ministry has towards spreading the gospel to all nations. You can introduce yourself easily with it to your visitors such that they have a general idea of you before joining you.In coming up with the best church website, you will need to move through some of the simple steps which will ensure that you get the perfect Christian website which will bring a great connection between the ministry and the community you have never reached earlier before.

Below are some of the steps to building an amazing church website

Steps in Building a Church Website

The steps you take in building your church website will determine how efficient and effective your website becomes to your ministry. It can either become one of the most powerful tools or on the other hand; it can waste all of your time as well as the reputation of your church.

However, all this lies in the decision you make. With this, check the below steps to ensure that you make informed decisions in building your church website.

1.Website Platform Selection

This is the platform through which you will use in building your website. There are several options available for the website building of a church. If you have no experience in creating websites, there will be no need to worry as these website platforms will give you the solution to you. Below are some of the platforms you can use;

a)WordPressThis is one of the most used websites for building your website whether a church website or commercial websites. It is not a specified church website builder; however its designs, plugins, and features allow you to create a high quality niche website. It is one of the outstanding platforms for convenience in publishing your contents. It has several themes you can use as well as which are mobile friendly.

b)SquarespaceThis platform makes building a church website very easy through its features. It has templates in different categories as Non-Profit and Community categories. In addition to this, you can also customize any of these categories to match your needs in the church website. However, this platform needs one to be experienced in web design to have much efficiency in using it.

c)WixThis is one of the best platforms for your church website through which it is user-friendly without the need for highly experienced persons. It has a rich variety of templates which you can choose from to fit your church set up. Among its templates are several templates of non-profit and religion templates making it the perfect one. Its functionality is sure with many users using it. In addition to this, you will also have much savings at it do not require much investment while creating it.

Thrive ThemesThrive Themes is one of the most powerful website builders on the market today. It comes with a drag and drop feature that makes designing your own website fast and easy. We personally use Thrive Themes to design all of our websites and it just keeps getting better and better with the Thrive themes updates. d)uKitThis is the website building platform created for launching small business websites hence making it suitable for small churches. It has features which are suitable for both the beginners and experienced persons without the need of being knowledgeable in creating websites. It additionally has several templates with a rich gallery giving you a variety to choose from. You can also change the template whenever you deem so in the future if it no longer pleases you.

2. Choosing your Church Website Domain

This is another one of the most important steps in having a stunning church website.

 With the platform you will need your website to be, it’s a high time to pick the optimized domain name with the following considerations;

•The domain name should be short – Short domain names are always the best. Avoid having the whole name of the church or ministry in the domain name; rather, you may pick the popular part of the full name of the church.

•It should be easier to remember – Remember that most of the members will tend to type on the URL bar directly. With this, you will need to have an easy to remember domain name. Preferably, it is recommended you use the church name in the inclusion of the domain name.

•Avoid abbreviations – While getting the domain name for your church website to avoid abbreviations as this will make it difficult to remember for some individuals.

•Use ‘.org’ rather than ‘.com’ – For the church set up ‘.org’ will be better compared to ‘.com’ as you will need to be less creative with the domain name fitting your church name. This is so as fewer websites are registered using ‘.org’ compared to ‘.com’.



3. Choosing your Church Web Hosting Company

Church web hosting is simple though might be confusing if you do not understand how it operates.  

It is essential to have the appropriate hosting for any Christian web hosting due to the services you get thereby. There are some of the web hostings which might clash with your beliefs, and hence they could limit you leading to increased challenges in running your website.

Here at we offer we hosting at affordable prices and we love assisting churches in spreading the Gospel.

Christian web hosting, therefore, is very important with the differences that come with this hosting when compared to other types of hosting. You need to check on the web hosting company as others usually target the websites on non-Christian agendas.

Having a Christian web hosting platform will give you much respect and allow your visitors to fee right at home. In addition to this, you will have much freedom in customizing the website according to your beliefs. There are no limits on spreading the Gospel and posting whatever you want when it comes to Christian Web Hosting.

Other Christian web hosting platforms will also provide reduced rates compared to the non-Christian web hosting.With the needs of different churches, it is important to get the perfect church web hosting through which you will get all that you need. An example of this is through processing of donations in your website which might need you to use the PCI and SSL compliant hosting which you might then opt in using a VPS or dedicated hosting plane.

Below are some of the best church web hosting providers;• Domain Priced Cheap – One of the best christian web hosting platforms available. They even give you a free step by step tutorial on how to design your website from scratch. – Well what can we say about our own company. LOL This is a very good place to learn how to create your own website. Not only for your Church, but also for your business, church or music group.

MyChurchHosting – My Church Hosting specializes in web hosting for Churches and it designed to specifically meet the needs of the church.

• Siteground – Contains much of the WordPress support making it more advantageous.• InMotion Hosting – It is very advantageous when it comes to speed, its ease of use, the features as well as its value.• Namecheap – Though it is mainly known for registering domain names, it has also had much popularity among many church web hosting. This is mainly due to its speed though challenged with the uptime.• Bluehost – This is one of the most hosting provider known. It is highly recommended by WordPress. It is suitable following the WordPress support it contains.Among the above church, web hosting is the GoDaddy, HostGator, Media Temple, and Dreamhost. With the best choice in this, you will be sure of having the best services which do not counter your beliefs that you may include in your church website.

4. Designing Your Website

After your church website has had the hosting, you will need to ensure that you get a proper web design which is essential in determining how stunning your website looks. Web design is how you present your content in the form of web pages. The final view of the web pages will be the one to be accessed by the end-users. 

christian web hosting

The web design of your church website will speak very much to the visitors who might be prospective members in the future.

To ensure that the website is attractive, the web design will need to use several visual elements which ensure that the look of the website is stunning. The web design of your church website will speak very much to the visitors who might be prospective members in the future. It will act as the image of your church, and hence it can better your marketing or worsen it. In the web design for your church website, keep the following into consideration;•Color Choice – The choice of color done on your website will be essential in speaking about your church. You can make use of the ministry’s colors on your website giving the full communication of your church.•Fonts – Having a perfect choice of the fonts will enhance the web design look. Make use of several fonts on different writings such as headings and subheadings