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Meta Slider The Best For WordPress

Are you looking for a nice WordPress Slider Plugin that will take your Website to another level? I will show you Step by Step tutorial on how to install and how to use the Meta Slider Plug in. This is an Amazing plugin and did I mention that you can download a FREE version to get started and take it for a test drive.

With  Meta Slider you can create powerful, SEO optimized slideshows in minutes with the world's #1 slider plugin. Meta Slider is perfect for Blog Posts, Videos and all your Products.

In the video below I will show you some of the things that you can do with this amazing slider. It it guaranteed to take your blog post or website to another level. 

Meta Slider Tutorial:

It is Packed with Features:


It is Easy to use:

Meta Slider has a beautiful, intuitive interface that will allow you to put slide shows together twice as fast.


Fully Responsive..

Your slideshows will automatically adapt to the width of the device that they are being viewed on. Such as tablet, desktop and iPhone.


Powerful Features:

Metal Slider also has some power packed options. From fancy html slides, Video support, A live theme editor and plenty of advanced customization.

Thumbnail Navigation – pro version

Meta Slider Pro adds in 2 new types of slideshow navigation:

  • Thumbnail” will output a static row of thumbnails below the slideshow. Compatible with Flex and Nivo Slider.
  • Filmstrip” will output a carousel style row of thumbnails below the slideshow (with left and right navigation)  – perfect if you have lots of slides! Compatible with Flex Slider.

Animated Layer Slides – pro version

Layer Slide is ideal for easily creating eye catching presentations and slideshows using stunning effects with 50 animation options and a beautiful, easy to use interface. Layers can include text, html, images, videos and even shortcodes!

Layer Slide users also benefit from additional optimisation and customisation options, including using a video as the slide background and adjusting the padding and background colour of each layer.

Layer Slides are a feature of Meta Slider Pro

  • .

4 Sliders in 1

Choose from Flex Slider, Responsive Slides, Nivo Slider & Coin Slider!

Post Feed Slides – pro version

Post Feed slides automatically show your latest blog posts, events or WooCommerce products in your slideshow.Post Feed slides are used to show off your latest content. You can choose to show your latest blog posts, events or WooCommerce products (in fact they work with any custom post type!).

The slide settings allow you to control which post types you want to display, the order to display them in and to restrict the posts to certain tags or categories. You can customise the caption template with a selection of template tags including {title}, {excerpt}, {author} and {date}.

As with all our other slide types a Post Feed slide can appear in combination with any other slide type.

Post Feed slides can be used to show one post at a time but they work particularly well in carousel mode (as above) allowing you to show off a large number of your latest posts in a small amount of space.

Check out the meta slider pro free download!

#1 WordPress Slider – See Why

Intelligent Image Cropping

Unique Smart Crop functionality ensures your slides are perfectly resized. No fuss.

Version 3.3 of Meta Slider introduced a ‘Smart Pad’ option (cropping disabled) which automatically adds padding to portrait images allowing you to mix portrait and landscape images and maintain a consistent slideshow height.

Developer Friendly

Meta Slider exposes its functionality through WordPress filters and actions, so you can customise Meta Slider just the way you want.

#livetheme​​​Live Theme Editor – pro version

Create unlimited themes and preview them on-the-fly. Watch the Demo Video

HTML Overlay Slides – pro version

Create completely customised HTML Slides using the inline editor. We’ve even built in over 50 awesome CSS3 transitions!

Video Slides- pro version

Easily include responsive high definition YouTube & Vimeo videos in your slideshows.

Integrates with other plugins

Easily include responsive high definition YouTube & Vimeo videos in your slideshows.


Meta Slider is fully integrated with the new style WordPress 3.5 Media Manager.

Priority Support

Pro Customers gain access to our prioritised ticketing system.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog if you would like a meta slider pro wordpress free download download you can click here.

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