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SEO Optimization Course | Best SEO tools to rank in google

Video from my SEO Course:

Helllo everyone, I am excited about the seo course that I just finished on Udemy. This course is filled with step by step seo tips that will help you rank your website higher in the google search engines.

The seo tools that I will show you how to use in this Udemy Course are absolutely FREE and are actually provided by google.

So if anyone knows about search engine tools and what they should do is google. Here are a few tools that google offers for FREE.


How to get ranking in google

In my little experince with seo optimization, I have come to find out that there are 3 major things that are important when it comes to the ranking of your website in the google search engine. The cool thing is that the best seo tools that you need in order to help with these 3 things are FREE.

Here is a list of the 3 major things that I have come to find out that are very important in determining your website ranking in google.


Step 1 – Title Tag 

The Title Tag is the top of the text that shows up on your google listing. When you are creating your title tag you want it to be catchy and attract the eyes of your potential visitors



Step 2 – Meta Description

The Meta Description is the Text that appears in the google search engine right under the text of your title tag. You want this to describe what the potential visitor will get when they visit your website. At the same time this needs to be attractive to your potential visitors and make them when to visit your website or blog.



Step 3 – On Page SEO

On Page SEO is the actual content that is on your website. This is what the visitor reads once they visit your website. So if my website is about “Search Engine Optimization” then I want to seo optimize my home page with words that are related to Search Engine Optimization.” 

Example: I will show you how you can use Google Keyword Planner to get ideas for Amazing Keywords that you can use for your on page optimization.

Here are the steps for using Google Keyword Planner to Optimize your webpage for google.

Step 1: Go to and type in Google Keyword Planner and then click on the first google listing.


Step 2: Click on find new keywords:


Step 3: Type in your keyword you want to get ideas for. In my case it is “Search Engine Optimization” the click get started.


Step 4: You will the get a list of keywords that you can use in the article that your are writing for your blog or web page.


Now that is what you call SEO Optimization

Yep and we did this all for FREE.

You are probably thinking, then why am I paying tons of money for programs and software that are giving me keywords, when I can get them for FREE? Well I know that feeling because I have been there, but to make on thing clear I don't pay for seo software anymore.


  • Learn Search Engine Optimization with some of the Best SEO tools for FREE

There is so much more that I offer about search engine optimization in my seo course. This course is filled with step by step videos and is guaranteed to help even the seo beginner get a better understanding optimizing your website or blog for seo.

In my seo course I walk you through how to use: google search console, google keyword planner and google analytics to do seo optimization and how you can use these seo tools to get your website ranking to skyrocket in the google search engine.

Get Access to the Full Course!


If you would like to learn how to use some of the best seo tools and how to rank in google. You can join our SEO Class now.

I hope this article has helped you out and has given you a better understanding of Search Engine Optimization. I look forward to seeing you in my seo class, but if you plan on enrolling you may want to do it now, as these free spaces are limited…

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