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Learn how to improve your Google Ranking using WordPress SEO


Learning SEO can seem a little complicated, but it doesn't have to be. There where many times when I would wonder “How to increase my website ranking on google.? Then I thought to myself, that SEO stuff is just to complicated and difficult, until someone broke it down for me in easy steps. I have come to find out that doing SEO for your WordPress website doesn't have to be complicated or difficult.

In this article I will show you some of the tips and techniques that I have learned that are perfect for seo beginners and how these techniques have skyrocketed by websites in the google rankings.

To be at the top of the Google Website Ranking is a must have for every business, church, or company that wants to have a successful online presence. 

Why? Because ranking on Google first page gives you 95 percent of the traffic that comes to google, while the other pages receive the other 5 percent. This is a study done by in front webworks.

What I get from this is, no matter how good your website looks, if it is not on the first page of google, you are missing out on all kinds of traffic.

So, your question probably isn’t “how to create a website using WordPress”, but ‘How to improve a website ranking in google?”

See you can create your own website using WordPress and that is Awesome but let me share with you some tips and techniques on how you can get more impressions, clicks and visitors to your website using WordPress SEO Ranking once you are live on the web.

In this guide I will show you how to:

  • Improve your Google Ranking by optimizing your Title Tag
  • Skyrocket your SEO Ranking by optimizing your Meta Description
  • How to improve your SEO Ranking with on page SEO
  • How to get ranking in google using the google search console tool
  • How to find the right keywords to improve your google page ranking

What is a title tag?


Your title tag is the first part of your website that show up in the google search engine when your website listing shows up.

Your title tag plays a vital part in your SEO WordPress because this will determine if potential visitors will click on your listing. If your title tag is attractive there is a good change that someone will click on your listing, but if it is not attractive potential visitors will scroll past your listing.

How to make your Title Tag attractive:You can make your Title Tag attractive to potential visitors when they view it in the google search engine by using words like:

  • Free
  • Amazing
  • Get
  • Powerful
  • Right Now
  • Today
  • Special
  • Exclusive
  • Top 3
  • Top 7
  • How to
  • #1
  • Cheap

Basically, your title tag is the first impression of your potential visitors in the google search engine, so make sure you make a good one.

What is a Meta Description?


Your Meta Description is the second part of your listing that potential visitors see in the google search engine once your listing comes up.

You usually want your Meta Description to be around 160 – 200 characters.

Even a few characters over this amount should be ok, but just remember that your Meta Description should be written for humans and not google search engines.

You want to describe your webpage accurately and what you have to offer on your web page. A good measure to use is you want your content to be around 2 or 3 sentences long.

What is on page SEO?

On-page SEO is the art of optimizing your web pages content with certain keywords to improve your ranking on google and attract more relevant traffic from the google search engine to your website. Just like Title Tags and Meta Descriptions are important, your on page SEO content is important to your google site ranking and if done thoroughly will increase your google seo ranking.

Here is an example of on page SEO:  

Say I am targeting the keywords: 

  • How to improve my website ranking google
  •  SEO beginners tutorial
  •  SEO for beginners

When I write the content for my webpage I want to include these keywords in my content and make sure it flows smoothly.

Here are some examples what to do and what not do with on page SEO using our example keywords:

What to do:

Here is a sample text of What to do:

Many times, I would wonder how to improve my website ranking on google and I am sure I am not alone, but as much as I wanted to improve my website ranking on google, I just didn’t have the SEO experience.

It wasn’t until I found an excellent SEO beginners tutorial that explains SEO for beginners in an easy to understand format, that I was able to take my website to another level in the google search engines.

What not to do:

Note: You don’t want to just drop the keywords anywhere on your website, but you want to write on page content that flows for the reader. I guess that is one of the challenges of writing good on page SEO content.

Here is a sample text of what not do:

How to improve my website ranking on google, and SEO beginners tutorial is really good SEO for beginners.

The keywords are there, but they just don’t run smoothly for the reader.

Where to get Amazing Keyword for your Title Tag, Meta Description and on page SEO for FREE:

Many people are spending unnecessary money on programs that supposedly give you keywords that are google for Search Engine Optimization.

Let me say this, if you are spending money on Keyword Search tools STOP!!!

(Now I am not mad at you because before I found out about these tips and techniques on how to improve my website ranking free, I spend unnecessary money on keyword tools and programs also.)

Let me give a shout out to the person that has helped me to take my SEO to another level.  Neil Patel

Ok back to where you can get Amazing keywords for FREE.

You can get all the keywords you need and more for FREE, yep that’s right for FREE and to top it off Google is the one who provides the tools.

One of the best tools that has taken my SEO to another level is Google Search Console.

Here is a video from my online seo course that you can enroll in today for half off using this link, that will teach you how to install Google Search Console.

How to install Google Search Console

Where to get the google search console tool?

You can sign up for Google Search Console for Free by clicking here.

The nice thing about Free Google Search console is that it gives you a lot of information about your website. This one of the best tools that will show you how to improve your google ranking WordPress stats.

Let's take a look at some of the features that you get from this FREE Seo tool.

As you can see, google search console gives you:

  • Keywords 
  • Search Volume 
  • CPC 
  • Clicks 
  • Impressions 

It gives you a whole lot more on how to improve your seo ranking google stats, but we will just cover these few.

Yes this is a FREE seo tool and you don’t have to be an seo expert to use it.

I will explain what each category is and how you can use it to improve your google ranking seo stats.



Queries or also knows as keywords are what people are typing in the google search engine for your google listing to show up.

Example: if you see my image above it says wordpress hosting so that means someone typed wordpress hosting in the google search to cause my listing came up in google.

Not only that, but in my SEO online course I also show you how to find out what page “wordpress hosting” is causing to show up in the google listing.

Search Volume

This is the amount of time that this actual keyword is being searched in google per month.

Example: if you look at my image about is says that “wordpress hosting” has a search volume of 33,100. So that means that “WordPress Hosting” is being typed and searched for 33,100 times in the google search engines.

and it has 132 impressions. So that means when some types wordpress hosting in the google search bar my google listing has shown up


This stands for Cost Per Click. What this means is the average price one would pay if they were to purchase ads that used this keyword.

Example: once again if you look at the word “WordPress Hosting” the CPC is $18.79 which means that if I were to buy ads for this keyword, I would pay around $18.79 per click.

Now to have my website getting impressions for this keyword is not bad and all this was done for free and the tips and techniques that show you in my SEO online course.


Impressions are the amount of times that my google listing has showed up in the google search listing.


Let’s take a look at a few words in the image above:

According to google search console I am getting:

11 impressions for the word “seo course”

10 impressions for the word “seo ranking”

10 impressions for the word “guaranteed seo”

9 impressions for the word “seo wordpress”

And here is a good one: 10 impressions for the word “best managed wordpress host” which is valued at $16.24 a click. That is not bad. So the key now is to start putting on these keywords in my title tags, meta descriptions and my on page seo.

Now when I write the content for my webpage or blog, I want to include these keywords in my content and that is called on page seo.

I have applied these techniques that I am teaching you now in this SEO article and that I break down in more detail in my SEO Course and it has skyrocketed my website google ranking in the google search engines.

Here are some real images of a few of my websites that I have applied these seo tips and I have only been applying these techniques for a little over 2 weeks.




That’s it.

That is how you do SEO and what has taken my websites to anther level in the google search engines.

Well I hope this blog has helped you out and if you would like to enroll in my SEO Ranking Course you can do so by click here.

Also, if you have any questions please post them and I will try my best to help you out.

Pastor Dre

Blog: Step by Step Guide on how to improve your Google Ranking

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