Afrihost – Uncapped Internet in South Africa

Afrihost – Uncapped Internet

AfrihostAre you tired of being capped by your internet service provider? Are you tired of paying ridiculously high prices for uncapped internet?

Well look no further Afrihost has come on the scene offering Uncapped, Unshaped and Unmetered DSL packages at amazingly low prices.

Now you can enjoy unlimited data usage at a limited cost. Bundling your Uncapped data with your DSL line has never been easier. Save money and create an easy-to-manage bundle all at once! Not only that you can get 50% off your first month's order if you sign up with the link in this blog.

50% Off first month

Own the Internet

Feel the unlimited awesomeness of Uncapped, unmetered broadband, designed to fit your needs. With Uncapped Internet you never have to watch what you consume – it’s all-you-can-eat style web surfing, and you can download as much data as you’d like without ever having to pay a cent more.  Our Uncapped is never throttled, and only non-realtime services are sometimes shaped, which means you always get full speed browsing, gaming, streaming and more. We also offer a unique TurboCharge feature to bypass shaping when you absolutely need to, for which you get FREE minutes every month.

Afrihost Managed Telkom DSL Lines

Pay less, don’t stress! We give you excellent value on your DSL management fees (as well as bundled discount options) when you let us manage your Telkom South Africa line.

Afrihost Powered DSL Lines

 Moving your line to Afrihost South Africa means that we take care of everything to do with your DSL line rental, including troubleshooting when there are problems. We’ll log faults with Telkom and follow up so you can relax while we handle things for you – you’ll always have peace of mind!

Industry Leading Service

Our friendly, competent support staff is available 24/7 and believe me the response time is amazing. You never have to worry about someone being available to assist you should you need it. I have been with Afrihost for many years and their customer service is A-Mazing

Value and Ease

We'll handle Telkom for an DSL installation or a migration, all without you ever having to talk to them. Don't sweat a thing, we handle it on your behalf!

Added Extras

At Afrihost, we always strive to give you more. Which is why, if you don't have an existing DSL account with us, you get 1GB FREE DSL Data when ordering your line – If you have a Capped DSL Package you will qualify for a FREE GB on that product.

Money Savings
Money Savings

We charge less for an DSL Line than Telkom does, that alone is reason to choose Afrihost. Also, you can change at any time and never be double charged for your service as we only start charging you once telkom stops.

No Contracts, No Catch.

We don't lock you into any long term agreement. If you change your mind about us, you can simply cancel before the 23rd of the month.

Leave It To Us
Leave It To Us

Let us manage everything regarding your DSL line faults. We can upgrade or downgrade your DSL line speed, however, we do not manage Telkom voice lines and associated products.

Uncapped DSL

Download to your heart's content

Why count your Bytes? Get the power of unthrottled, unmetered Broadband and make sure you always get the best of the internet without having to watch your usage – ever!

Uncapped DSL Packages


The Small Print

* General:
– Our uncapped packages are subject to an Acceptable use policy.
– Uncapped DSL Accounts are locked to a single phone line and gets locked to the first line used to connect. If your number changes simply contact us to clear the current number.
– DSL Line Required to make use of DSL Bandwidth. If you need an DSL Line, sign up for one here
– Data speeds and latency may be affected by factors outside of Afrihost’s control or demand for bandwidth at any given time.

1 – Bandwidth:
Home Uncapped packages have a monthly threshold after which, your speeds could be subject to throttling if the network is under strain. Premium and Business Uncapped packages have no usage thresholds.

2 – Shaping:
Home Uncapped packages are subject to throttling should a user have reached their monthly threshold and our network is under strain. Premium Uncapped packages are not subject to throttling or monthly thresholds, and will enjoy full speed real-time services under all normal circumstances, but may be subject to shaping of downloads should the network be under strain. Business Uncapped packages are not subject to throttling, shaping or monthly thresholds – but do however come with a user controllable feature via ClientZone to prioritise non-p2p traffic on their account to ensure business-critical services always get the highest priority.

3 – Telkom Fibre Compatible
All our Uncapped Data packages are compatible with Telkom Fibre. Click here to see if your area has Telkom Fibre.

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